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Architects for Social Housing (ASH) has been set up in order to respond architecturally to London’s housing ‘crisis’. We are a collective of architects, urban designers, engineers, planners, building industry consultants, academics, photographers, web designers, writers and housing activists operating with developing ideas under set principles.

First among these is the conviction that infill, build-over and refurbishment are more sustainable solutions to London’s housing needs than the demolition of the city’s council estates, enabling, as it does, the continued existence of the communities they house.

ASH offers support, advice and expertise to residents who feel their interests are not being represented by local councils or housing associations during the regeneration process. Our primary responsibility is to existing residents – tenants and leaseholders alike; but we are also committed to finding viable alternatives to developer-led regeneration – alternatives that are in the interests of the wider London community.

ASH operates on three levels of activity: Architecture, Community and Propaganda.

1. We propose architectural alternatives to estate demolition through designs for infill, build-over and refurbishment that increase housing capacity on the estates and renovate the existing homes, while leaving the communities they house intact.

2. We support estate communities in their resistance to the demolition of their homes by working with residents, offering information about the regeneration process and housing policy from a reservoir of knowledge and tactics pooled from similar campaigns across London.

3. We disseminate information that aims to counter negative perceptions about social housing in the minds of the public, and raise awareness of the role of relevant professional interest groups, including architectural practices, in the regeneration process. Using a variety of means, including protest, publications and propaganda, we are trying to initiate a cultural change in the architectural profession.

Whether you are facing the regeneration of your home and in need of advice, or whether you want to offer your skills, expertise and time to our many projects, please get in contact.

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