Happy New Year? Predictions for 2022

Metropolitan Police officers assault the crowd on London’s South Bank, New Year’s Eve, 2021.

‘Every attempt to rethink the political space of the West must begin with the clear awareness that we no longer know anything of the distinction between private life and political existence, between man as a simple living being at home in the house and man’s political existence in the city. We are not only, in Foucault’s words, animals whose life as living beings is at issue in their politics, but also — inversely — citizens whose very politics is at issue in their natural body.’

— Giorgio Agamben, Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life, 1995

On New Year’s Eve I posted the following predictions on my Twitter account, and in a slightly extended form I am publishing them here a fortnight later, along with some responses to comments made by followers of my account.

  1. Ignoring the medical evidence of their damage to the psychological and physical health of children and their negative impact on their teaching environment and cognitive development, mandatory face masking in schools is reinstated.
  2. Following an amendment to The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Entry to Venues and Events) (England) Regulations 2021, ‘vaccine’ passports as a condition of access are extended to include additional public places and services, including public transport, ‘non-essential’ shops, hospitality venues, state education, places of work, international travel, medical care and social security.
  3. Curfews for the ‘unvaccinated’ enforced by a massively expanded militia of ‘vaccine marshals’, whose salaries are paid by the fixed penalty notices issued for being caught breaking curfew restrictions.
  4. After Parliament has rubber-stamped the statutory extension of the Coronavirus Act 2020 under Section 90, the ‘emergency period’ under which coronavirus-justified regulations have been made without parliamentary approval since March 2020 are extended for the fourth time for a further 6 months.
  5. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 empowers the police to impose conditions on demonstrations, including that they do not cause ‘unease’, ‘annoyance’ or ‘disruption’, which are now made a criminal offence, effectively banning protest in the UK.
  6. The Nationalities and Borders Act 2022 empowers the Home Secretary to remove, without prior notification, the British citizenship of anyone who is not born in the UK, who is of dual nationality, who is judged to be a threat to national security or whose behaviour is unacceptable, leaving that person stateless, with citizenship recategorised as a ‘privilege’ and not a human right.
  7. Reform of the Human Rights Act 1998 makes existing rights under the European Convention on Human Rights subordinate to ‘public protection’ and ‘national security’, effectively erasing them as a legal recourse for UK citizens.
  8. The Judicial Review and Courts Act 2022 removes the ability of UK citizens to challenge and appeal against the decisions and actions of the UK Government and other public bodies, making the UK biosecurity state even less accountable to public scrutiny.
  9. The Online Safety Act 2022 hands authority for policing the internet to tech companies, who are obligated and empowered to censor and block access to content they deem ‘lawful but harmful’.
  10. Fixed penalty notices imposed for non-compliance with ‘vaccination’ mandates, issued cumulatively at each infraction, with prison sentences for non-payment initially set at up to 1 year, but with the option to extend incarceration indefinitely for repeat offenders.
  11. Continuation and expansion of the outsourcing of the apparatus of the UK biosecurity state, including the NHS, Test and Trace and HM Prison Service, to private companies and corporations including Amey, Atos, Balfour Beatty, Capita, Deloitte, G4S,  Interserve, Innova, Iqvia, Mitie, Mitre, Palantir, Serco, Sodexo, Uniserve, and other multinational corporations.
  12. Following the launch of Pfizer’s ‘vaccine 1.1’, the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ is increased by statutory amendment from 3 to 4 doses in order to qualify for a ‘vaccine’ passport.
  13. Parents of children who are not ‘fully vaccinated’ to be sectioned under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act 1983, and their children taken into care by social services.
  14. Expansion of temporary quarantine camps into semi-permanent accommodation for the ‘unvaccinated’, who are only permitted to leave on condition of their passport-monitored compliance with existing and future ‘vaccination’ mandates. At the entrance to the camps signs inform inmates that ‘Vaccines Make You Free’.
  15. Enforcement of tiered lockdowns (i.e. martial law) in boroughs and constituencies with low ‘vaccine’ compliance rates, with manufactured and medically meaningless ‘case’ rates targeted at bankrupting small businesses, the retail, hospitality and education industries and their millions of employees.
  16. Furlough for unemployed workers replaced by a universal basic income modelled on universal credit and conditional upon full compliance with existing and future biosecurity ‘measures’, all of which are monitored by ‘vaccine’ passports.
  17. For schools, instutions of further education and universities, education is gradually and universally moved online, where curricula is monitored (and eventually written) by the tech companies whose platforms will enable the virtualisation of all teaching in the future.
  18. Without a parliamentary vote or new legislation, phasing in of the ‘smart city’ in which roads, train travel, access to designated buildings and public spaces are all monitored and controlled by Artificial Intelligence run by private tech and security companies.
  19. Introduction of a system of social credit in which access to employment, travel, consumer goods, a bank account, financial credit, healthcare, education, housing, the internet and a universal basic income are all contingent upon compliance with existing and future biosecurity restrictions.
  20. Progressive replacement of the parliamentary system of democratic accountability with a technocratic government modelled on the fascist state, in which Government advisors seconded from the corporate sector and nominally appointed by the Prime Minister not only write policy but decide when it is implemented, the decisions on which are unavailable for public scrutiny due to ‘reasons of national security’.
  21. Following the rescinding of the Nuremberg Code, ‘vaccines’ and other biotechnology are developed and authorised for emergency use with indemnity against liability for developers, producers and administers in months rather than decades, with the population of Europe effectively acting as a living laboratory for trials.
  22. In the form of The Biosecurity Act 2022, new primary legislation makes an ongoing course of injection with existing and future biotechnology mandatory for all UK citizens, with those refusing stripped of their citizenship  and reclassified by subsequent statutory regulations as a ‘subject of the state’. A subsequent amendment defines this as a ‘person who enjoys the protection of the state and in consequence has specific obligations towards it.’
  23. Modelled on the US prison system in which 2.1 million people currently live and work, the UK economy is progressively restructured to incorporate the unpaid labour of the quarantined, who are forced to pay for a permanent cycle of testing, isolation and ‘temporary’ housing in quarantine camps.
  24. Modelled on ‘vaccine’ passports, introduction of a mandatory ‘carbon passport’ that monitors the carbon ‘footprint’ of each UK citizen, with social credit scores and with it rights of citizenship deducted for individual violations of limits on expenditure and restrictions on civil liberties.
  25. Modelled on the Government’s ongoing hate campaign against the ‘unvaccinated’, initiation of a massive propaganda campaign targeted at the ‘carbon-wasteful’, who are forcibly relocated to architect-designed ‘carbon-neutral’ camps in order to save the planet. Those resisting are imprisoned in the new mega-prisons that are currently increasing the UK’s prisoner capacity by 23 per cent.
  26. Central Banks continue to injects trillions of pounds of electronic money into the global banking system in order to inflate otherwise collapsing financial markets.
  27. Phasing out of money and its replacement with digital currency issued by the Bank of England and programmed with restrictions on expenditure, access to services and purchase of commodities contingent upon compliance with existing and future biosecurity restrictions.
  28. Corporate fact checkers unanimously declare that none of the above in fact happened, that the UK has always been a fascist state, and that those saying otherwise are spreading misleading and harmful information placing the health and safety of the UK public in danger.

These are my predictions, based on existing and imminent UK legislation and what has already been implemented in countries to which our economic, political and security interdependency necessitates us following their lead, including Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Romania, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Canada and the USA. Whether they will all be implemented in 2022 I don’t know, but that isn’t what matters. What matters is that we are, without doubt, heading towards the implementation of these regulations and programmes in the UK, if not this year then the next.

To the objection that we do not have the capacity to imprison the  millions of UK citizens who have refused to be injected or who will not qualify as ‘fully vaccinated’ when the dosage is increased to 4, 5, 6 or more injections per year, we shouldn’t forget that 2 million ‘unvaccinated’ Austrian citizens are facing imprisonment from 1 February, 2022, and that 1.25 million Palestinians are already incarcerated in the Gaza concentration camp, with another million living in an apartheid state in which they have been progressively deprived of the rights of citizenship. Prisons and the laws that remove the freedoms of citizens are primarily forms of deterrence, created to intimidate others into compliance. Neither the laws nor the prisons have to be used against an entire population for both to serve their political purpose, which is obedience to the biosecurity state.

But given the revolution in global capitalism we’ve gone through in the 22 months since March 2020, I don’t believe it is impossible to implement what I’ve predicted here. A year ago, who would have thought that the NHS staff we were told to look on as heroes in the ‘front-line’ of the ‘war’ on COVID would be sacked for not taking a ‘vaccine’ that can kill them; or that children as young as 12 would be allowed to decide whether they should risk myocarditis, pericarditis and permanent damage to their immune system for a disease to which they are statistically immune? And, crucially, the longer it takes for the UK Government to implement these programmes, the more time the population will have to realise what is happening, stop complying and organise resistance.

The four new Acts of Parliament currently under debate and the proposed reforms to existing legislation will effectively remove British citizen’s recourse to human rights law in the UK. The country’s absurd reaction to the omicron variant, even with everything we know about how this crisis has been manufactured — the repeatedly exposed lies, deliberately manipulated data, exaggerated predictions of the future and psychological terrorism — shows that the British people are just as susceptible to the same lie being told a second time by the same bunch of liars. As for the worst Parliament in British history, whether it’s the extension of the Coronavirus Act,  mandatory face masking, mandatory ‘vaccination’ for NHS staff or mandatory ‘vaccine’ passports, it has obediently demonstrated that there is nothing it isn’t ready to vote into law when the Government tells it to do so.

Neoliberalism has kept the populations of the wealthiest and most educated societies in history ignorant of the world and obedient to the commands of their leaders for the past 40 years; but China is the new model. Since March 2020, we’ve been living under a constitutional dictatorship in the UK, but to make the biosecurity state work in the former neoliberal democracies of the European Union we will need to become a properly totalitarian society, in which every citizen is an informer, spy and cop. Totalitarianism isn’t dictatorship, or tyranny, or despotism, or autocracy. It’s a form of society in which each and every citizen is expected to demonstrate, at any required moment, not only their conformity with, but also their enforcement of, the ever-changing laws of the government. That’s the task of 2022.

These predictions, however, are of what I expect the UK Government and the other criminals driving this revolution to try to impose on us. Whether we as UK citizens comply or resist will determine the extent of the implementation of these illegal restrictions and coercive programmes; but we should not deceive ourselves about their ultimate goal. Discrimination as a public display of conformity with the UK biosecurity state is going to increase enormously this year. So what can we do in response? The answer is what, if we had resisted from the start, would have stopped this revolution in its tracks:

    • Refuse to comply with all biosecurity programmes and regulations, including wearing face coverings, QR-code tracking of our movement and contacts, Lateral Flow antigen and RT-PCR testing, quarantining and self-isolation, lockdown restrictions on our civil liberties, injection with experimental ‘vaccines’, and ‘vaccine’ passports as a condition of British citizenship;
    • Expose the lies and reveal the truth about what is being done on the justification of this manufactured threat to public health and to what economic and political ends;
    • Join in as many demonstrations of freedom from, and opposition to, these illegally imposed restrictions as we can, and protest their violation of our bodily autonomy, human rights and civil liberties under UK and international law;
    • Organise parallel forms of civil society in education, health, legal representation, housing, employment, social security and physical protection from the police to support those with the courage to resist;
    • Participate in acts and organisations towards overthrowing the UK biosecurity state and the prosecution of its instigators and collaborators for crimes against humanity;
    • Encourage others to join us in resistance.

Nothing in history is written in advance, as much as the criminals in power at any given time would like us to believe that it is, and that all we can do is to try and accomodate ourselves as best we can to their latest version of the New World Order. It’s a sad, contemptible but historical fact that 50 per cent of the UK population are so indoctrinated now by the biosecurity state that they would donate a kidney to Pfizer’s research laboratories if the Government told them it would make them safe from COVID-19. But 25 per cent know what’s happening and are committed to resisting it, and another 25 per cent are waking up and looking for answers. It’s these we need to win over to our side. The future will be decided by this struggle.

Simon Elmer
Architects for Social Housing

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year? Predictions for 2022

  1. Simon, your writing and interviews have made me try to emulate your unflinching approach. I had never attended a protest before but will be at my third in Glasgow on the 22nd of this month; the last time I took two others with me, so the numbers are swelling, if gradually.

    What you are doing is working, to what extent time will tell – but I’m determined to be on the right side of this.

    It bolsters me to see people who have the courage of their convictions, who lead by example.


      1. I will. Sturgeon has alienated more people by making the booster a requirement for the vaccine passport, so hopefully some of them will join the fight. All the best.


      2. The protest in Glasgow went very well. Numbers were up – estimates of 7,000, which is over three times what we’ve had in the past. Sad, but not surprised, that the press here characterised us as a “mob of hundreds” and made unsupported claims that there was intimidation and snatching of masks from people’s faces. People who’ve protested know that there is an unspoken etiquette involved: best behaviour so as not to undermine the effort. We’ll see how the next one goes, but I suspect it’ll be bigger again, so long as people don’t fall for the state’s tactical and temporary retreat.


  2. Hear, hear!

    I will also make an appearance at the big demonstration on January 22nd (on the other side of the pond, though!).

    Stay resilient!


  3. Nice list, here’s mine (applies only to England):

    1. There will be no curfews or lockdowns of the unvaccinated.
    2. Covid marshals will disappear.
    3. Around 30 million people will be considered unvaccinated in the sense that they have not had a ‘booster’. The Government will not imprison, fine, or take punitive action against half the country.
    4. The Covid narrative will unravel at an ever-increasing rate.
    5. Numerous key players will attempt to jump ideological ship.
    6. The trance will break.
    7. As a consequence of said trance breaking, the mountains of evidence and data—that you along with many others have comprehensively documented—proving that we have been lied to on an industrial scale will finally be acknowledged.
    8. The Bad Guys will replace Johnson with someone more sympathetic to their vax passports plan but said new comer will face a task akin to pushing poo uphill with his nose if he tries Covid 2 Redux.
    9. There will be no quarantine camps.
    10. There will be no Martial Law
    11. There will be a fourth ‘booster’ but no one will take it.
    12. The pro footballers falling like ninepins with cardiac arrests and similar problems will continue and will eventually be acknowledged as jab-related.

    Happy new year!


  4. I am really pleased to see Malcolm’s comments above. It does provide a slightly more positive outlook.

    I think Boris is being forced out. He is too liberal for the makers of the plandemic. So the new leader is likely to be more authoritarian.

    Can the UK be pushed down the road of Austria or Germany ? I can’t say, but I see signs people are pushing back. Even the Jeremy Vine show on radio 2 is softening to the anti covid narrative (i hate the show, but like the rest of radio 2).

    Going all out authoritarian in this country is a possibility, but I just hope we can all see the reality eventually.

    I try and talk a bit about what is happening, but most people buy it all, hook, line and sinker. I only know one other family who thinks like me. I really am trying to find other like minded souls in my city.

    So I am thinking it is 60% full on authoritarianism here we come and 40% people wake up. This was 70-30, but since omnicron things have softened a little.


  5. The Scottish National Party is having an “emergency march” in Glasgow tomorrow to foment interest in independence in the wake of “partygate”. The fact that this will obscure the freedom march is, I’m sure, just a convenient consequence.


  6. On the face of it it does appear that the authoritarian march has been suspended (for now) in the UK but I think this is to buy them time to strategise a way forward and perhaps a new narrative. The covid narrative has run its course in the UK and increasingly around the world. However in europe they are still very much pushing forward with the vax pass. The UK currently is an outlier but I suspect they want to get back on that train. The great thing in the UK that I think has contributed to it’s temporary halt is the very real movement that has mushroomed there. I think it will be important not to lose the movement’s momentum thinking that they have won that could be a big mistake. At the end of the day this was always about the implosion of the parasitic finance economy and that hasn’t changed and that hasn’t gone away so they will be seeking out another “emergency” to push ahead with their plans for total control through some kind of social credit system. All that stuff is still going on in the back ground. We can celebrate this victory but be vigilant that this isn’t the end.


    1. Hello Sofia, we’ve had a temporary reprieve in England (not the UK), but there are a number of reasons why we shouldn’t believe this is ‘over’, the primary one being our political and economic interdependence with the other former neoliberal democracies that, in stark contrast, are expanding and accelerating the biosecurity state as their new form of governance. I can understand the need to mark a victory over certain mandates in England, and this is the first pause in the relentless enforcement of the UK biosecurity state, but we should remember that the UK government:

      1. Continues the mass-experimentation on the UK population, including children as young as 5, with gene-modifying injections that have killed thousands and injured millions in the short-term, and about whose effects in the long-term we know little or nothing;
      2. Retains the ability to manufacture future health ‘crises’ through the testing and enforced isolation of ‘asymptomatic’ (i.e. healthy) UK citizens with Lateral Flow and PCR assays that cannot distinguish infectious from dead virus or SARS-CoV-2 from other coronaviruses, and yet which the British people have been conditioned to accept as an infallible measure of disease;
      3. Retains the power to reimpose restrictions on our freedoms on the justification of saving the NHS from being ‘overwhelmed’; rather than (for example) investing in the NHS with the £44.3 billion in coronavirus-justified contracts awarded by the UK Government to private companies as of December 2021;
      4. Continues to refuse to allow the NHS to treat patients with the symptoms of COVID-19;
      5. Continues to suppress medical protocols that have used Zinc, Quercetin, Vitamin C and D3, Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine and above all Ivermectin to save millions of lives in India and other countries;
      6. Continues to allow medical policy in the UK to be written by the Gates Foundation, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and other global investors in the pharmaceutical industry;
      7. Continues to empower private companies and public services to enforce medically meaningless face masks and ‘vaccine’ compliance passports as a condition of entry, service or employment, in violation of our human rights under UK and international law;
      8. Continues the illegal use of powers in Section 45c of The Public Health (Control of Disease) to quarantine healthy people and impose lockdown restrictions, also in violation of our human rights under UK and international law;
      9. Continues to terrorise the UK public with lies about the actual threat of COVID-19 (which is equivalent to influenza, but with no danger to children and little to the young); with lies about the manufactured and medically meaningless equation of positive tests with ‘cases’ and ‘COVID-deaths’, and by repressing the truth about the existence and efficacy of non-vaccine treatments for symptoms.
      10. Continues to force through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, the Nationalities and Borders Bill, the Judicial Review and Courts Bill, the Online Safety Bill and the reform of the Human Rights Act, and has yet to repeal the Coronavirus Act.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. See Martin Armstrong’s recent interview with Del Bigtree
    https://thehighwire.com/watch/ Episode 253.

    Starts at about 1 h, quite informative on who’s probably driving this advancing tyranny and why most of Europe is in a somewhat worse state than the USA. Armstrong ought to know, if anyone does, being experienced in the finance/economics field.

    Spoiler alert: mostly three rich men aged between 65 and 91.

    There’s clearly a conspiracy, as with the 2009 H1N1/WHO scandal, based on making $$$$ from normal people and creating 100s/1000s more billionaires. Beyond that, possibly the bankers or whoever didn’t know that the GM products – both mRNA and DNA – would be more lethal than the disease they purport to prevent. Or, increasingly likely, they did know. If so it starts getting like a real-life horror film; 1930s here we come.

    Either way, this isn’t remotely the end. Sir Graeme Brady MP reportedly told a group of ‘sceptic’ health professionals that he and others like him were powerless to stop the direction of travel.

    Liked by 1 person

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