Architects for Social Housing (ASH) was set up in March 2015 in order to respond architecturally to London’s housing ‘crisis’. We are a Community Interest Company that organises working collectives of architects, urban designers, engineers, surveyors, planners, film-makers, photographers, artists, writers and housing campaigners for individual projects. Tailored to meet specific needs, these collectives operate with … Continue reading Manifesto

The Labour Party Manifesto on Housing 2019

This is my first reading of the content relating to housing in the Labour Party Manifesto 2019, which was published today following Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the launch of the manifesto in Birmingham. Well, it’s not a good start. Although, on the contents page for the manifesto, the National Health Service, Education, Police and Security Services, … Continue reading The Labour Party Manifesto on Housing 2019

ASH Housing Manifesto 2019

For a Socialist Model of Housing Provision 1. All new housing must be social housing Every time a new residential development applies for planning permission in London there’s a debate about whether 15 per cent, or 30 per cent, or 45 per cent is an acceptable or sufficient share of so-called ‘affordable housing’ — without … Continue reading ASH Housing Manifesto 2019

Running Man: The Johnson-Corbyn ‘Debate’

I got through about 30 seconds of the Johnson-Corbyn ‘debate’ last night before I had to turn it off. In actuality, my computer turned itself off, as if the GCHQ camera hidden in its screen responded to the look on my face. My first reaction was one of shame, like watching two naked old men … Continue reading Running Man: The Johnson-Corbyn ‘Debate’

Saving West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates: An Open Letter to Labour Activists

Yesterday it was announced that the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates, whose residents have been living under the threat of the demolition of their homes since 2012, will be sold back to Hammersmith and Fulham council at the price they sold it. Since the estates were sold to Capital & Counties Properties PLC — … Continue reading Saving West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates: An Open Letter to Labour Activists

‘Middle-class Socialism’: A Warning from History

171 years ago The Communist Manifesto was published in Bishopsgate, London. Everyone has heard its famous phrases about a ‘spectre’ haunting Europe; about the history of all hitherto existing society being ‘the history of class struggle’; about capitalism being like a ‘sorcerer’ who can no longer control the power called up by his spells; and … Continue reading ‘Middle-class Socialism’: A Warning from History

A Vote for Labour is a Vote for . . . Emma Dent Coad

‘Feel free to check your facts, timelines and who made decisions when.’ — Emma Dent Coad Yesterday Emma Dent Coad, the Labour candidate for North Kensington in the forthcoming General Election, issued a formal statement refuting the claims made in 2017 by the constituency’s former Conservative MP, Victoria Borwick — and repeated this week by … Continue reading A Vote for Labour is a Vote for . . . Emma Dent Coad

Another General Election . . .

The first and most important thing you do when you vote in a General Election is consent to handing power over yourself and everyone else in this country — as well as over other countries in which the UK has colonial and financial interests — to a ruling class, which then has the entire apparatus … Continue reading Another General Election . . .

Choose Labour?

Choose Labour. Choose voting to bomb Syria. Choose going toe to toe with the Tories over who can inflict the biggest cuts to benefits. Choose criminalising the homeless with Public Space Protection Orders. Choose fining people £100 for sleeping rough in Labour-run boroughs. Choose planning permission for anti-homeless spikes in the doorways of banks. Choose employing … Continue reading Choose Labour?

A Vote for Labour is a Vote for . . . Florence Eshalomi

Florence Eshalomi, the new Labour Party candidate for Vauxhall. The constituency had a registered electorate of 82,055 in the General Election of 2017, which was won by the then Labour candidate, Kate Hoey, with 31,576 votes and 57.3 per cent of the vote. Except in the General Election of 1931, Vauxhall, including the former seat of Lambeth … Continue reading A Vote for Labour is a Vote for . . . Florence Eshalomi

For a Socialist Architecture 1. Part 1: Social Principles

Q. ‘Social and environmental issues really matter to me. I want to have real influence but, as an architect, I don’t. A. ‘Many architects contact me expressing a similar sentiment. Our profession tends to attract and develop idealists, and that can make some of our work little more rewarding than working on a factory production … Continue reading For a Socialist Architecture 1. Part 1: Social Principles