The Unlawful Killing of Ian Tomlinson

Dedicated to the memory of Ian Tomlinson (7 February, 1962—1 April, 2009) and the 1,772 people who have died after contact with the police in England and Wales between 1990 and 2020, for not one of whose deaths has a police officer been convicted. 1 P.C. Simon Harwood killed Ian Tomlinson With a standard-issue extendable … Continue reading The Unlawful Killing of Ian Tomlinson

The Nuremberg Defence

Though not Jewish, Irish or Black I nonetheless would refuse To drink in a pub that proclaimed: ‘No Irish, no Blacks and no Jews.’ Everyone has the choice to make Principled or expedient: To comply with discrimination Or civil disobedience. The Yellow Star, ‘whites-only’ bar, Countries where women are veiled Detained ‘illegal aliens’ Julian Assange … Continue reading The Nuremberg Defence

Bring the Summer Home (The Poll Tax Song) Our King went forth to Normandy With grace and might and chivalry; The God for him wrought marvellously, Wherefore England may call and cry: ‘Deo Gratias!’ Part I The King went forth to Normandy, Pride of might and chivalry; Welsh and English longbowmen, Bondmen, serfs, were in the van. While at home men and … Continue reading Bring the Summer Home (The Poll Tax Song)

New Left Revue (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Assange)

For the benefit of Mr. A. There will be a trial today on Facebook stream. The socialists will all be there Late of Workers & Welfare – what a scene! By slanders, lies and allegations, Lastly through ordeal by Puritan bile: In this way Mr. A. will be accused! The much maligned Mr. A. Goes … Continue reading New Left Revue (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Assange)

The Christ of Journalism

And in breaking news today, rumours in the Colosseum are that Jesus of Nazareth had been smearing faeces on the walls of his cell in the Temple of Herod. Having been dragged from the Garden of Gethsemane last Thursday shouting ‘Judea must resist!’, Jesus appeared the following day before Pontius Pilate for trial. The Prefect … Continue reading The Christ of Journalism