The Nuremberg Defence

Though not Jewish, Irish or Black I nonetheless would refuse To drink in a pub that proclaimed: ‘No Irish, no Blacks and no Jews.’ Everyone has the choice to make Principled or expedient: To comply with discrimination Or civil disobedience. The Yellow Star, ‘whites-only’ bar, Countries where women are veiled Detained ‘illegal aliens’ Julian Assange … Continue reading The Nuremberg Defence

Holy Island

‘He therefore prepared to attack the Island of Mona.’ – Tacitus, Annals, XIV: 29 Understanding the struggle of Britons Against their Roman occupiers From the annals of Ancient writers, Is like reading of the resistance Of Londoners to their eviction In the pages of the British Press: Beyond the justice of the rulers, And the … Continue reading Holy Island

Bring the Summer Home (The Poll Tax Song) Our King went forth to Normandy With grace and might and chivalry; The God for him wrought marvellously, Wherefore England may call and cry: ‘Deo Gratias!’ Part I The King went forth to Normandy, Pride of might and chivalry; Welsh and English longbowmen, Bondmen, serfs, were in the van. While at home men and … Continue reading Bring the Summer Home (The Poll Tax Song)