Virtue and Terror: Resisting the UK Biosecurity State

Virtue and Terror: Resisting the UK Biosecurity State, our third collection of articles on the coronavirus crisis, is available as a 246-page pdf file or ebook for a £10 donation to ASH through PayPal. As all our articles are, they are also available for free on this website.


This is the third collection of my articles on the UK biosecurity state, and follows on from volume one, COVID-19: Implementing the UK Biosecurity State, which we published in September 2020, and volume two, Brave New World: Expanding the UK Biosecurity State through the Winter of 2020-2021, which we published in March 2021. Like these previous volumes, Virtue and Terror: Resisting the UK Biosecurity State collects 6 months’ of articles, and ends in an extended reflection on what the latest programmes and regulations mean for UK citizens. The most important of these, which has been co-extensive with this period, has been the UK ‘vaccination’ programme; and the three long articles on the legal and cultural contexts in which this programme has been implemented, and what we know already about its medical and political consequences for both the compliant and the resistant, make up nearly half of this volume. Like most of the biosecurity state apparatus, this has been implemented on the complementary principles of public virtue and state terror, and it’s under these terms, therefore, that we publish this collection.

However, as the British public’s awareness of these consequences has grown, the tasks of reporting, analysing and warning have given way to the growing urgency of non-compliance and civil disobedience with biosecurity regulations. This spring and into the summer, millions of British citizens across the UK demonstrated against the biosecurity state, and several of these articles reflect on what we can learn from these marches and how they can be turned into active resistance against our increasingly unaccountable Government.

Anybody who has seen the recent footage of Lithuanian citizens being required to show a ‘vaccine’ passport in order to buy food, or of a French doctor who successfully prescribed Ivermectin to patients with COVID-19 being beaten up by the arresting police, or of counter-terrorism paramilitaries shooting rubber bullets at Australian protesters for breaking lockdown, shouldn’t be in any doubt that the same will happen here in the UK. However much we compete with each other on international markets, the former liberal democracies of Western capitalism depend for their waning hegemony on a shared paradigm of governance, and the new paradigm is the biosecurity state. The past 19 months have seen over 500 coronavirus-justified Statutory Regulations made into UK law under a politically-declared emergency period it is in the Government’s power — and certainly it’s intention — to extend indefinitely. These have not only deprived us of our previously inalienable human rights and civil liberties, but have also replaced our democratically elected representatives in Parliament with technocrats in a revolving door between advisory government committees and the global corporations whose interests they represent. This winter, under the so-called ‘Plan B’ to which all these regulations have being leading, the Government will impose ‘mandatory COVID-status certification’. Already introduced as a condition of entry or service by numerous UK businesses and public institutions, these will initially be a requirement of access to certain hospitality and entertainment venues. But as fully implemented in France, Italy, Israel and many other countries, ‘vaccine’ passports will progressively make access to shopping centres, public transport, state education, our place of work, medical care and social security conditional upon compliance with whatever biosecurity regulations the UK state chooses to impose on us in the future. It is this rising tide of totalitarian rule across the globe that we must resist here in the UK today.

The bulk of these articles have been published over the past month, and perhaps won’t receive the readership of my earlier collections, as the information exposing and refuting the lies of the UK Government, media and medical bodies is now overwhelming. It takes a real act of will to believe these lies and blindly follow the dictates they justify. Yet the twenty-six or so articles I have published on the UK biosecurity state have been visited on the ASH website over 300,000 times, suggesting that there is another will to engage with sustained arguments about what is happening and how to oppose it, rather than the brief reports on the latest removal of our rights and freedoms to which the UK media has confined itself. I’m also happy to announce that, thanks to the efforts of Pablo Stern, all three of these collections are now available on request as an e-book.

In addition to the articles, I have collected in an appendix the submissions made by myself and Francis Hoar, the barrister representing Architects for Social Housing, in response to the attempts by the Architects Registration Board to close our organisation down in retaliation for my writings about the UK biosecurity state. This will not be of interest to everyone; but the UK Government has handed over the responsibility and obligation for enforcing many biosecurity regulations, including vaccine ‘passports’, to businesses and regulatory bodies, and it’s crucial to our resistance that employers, employees and consumers have the courage and legal knowledge to stand up for their human rights and civil liberties. I include this information, therefore, as an example that I hope will both aid and encourage those of you facing the same assault on your freedoms. I have also included the transcript of an interview with the Brooklyn-based podcaster, Frieda Vizel, for her programme, Radically Human, which many readers of my articles have enjoyed and which I include here in a second appendix. Finally, as in my last two collections, I have included an appendix of readers’ comments, which continue to demonstrate both the intelligence not to believe the lies we are being told by those in power and the will to oppose the violence against us they authorise. Our only community is in resistance, our only freedom in collective struggle. Refuse to comply. Resist the UK biosecurity state!



1. Behind the Mask, the Conspiracy!

    1. The Conspiracy within the Conspiracy
    2. The Truth behind the Conspiracy

2. March for Freedom: London, 29 May, 2021

3. The Impact of Lockdown on UK Housing

    1. The Increase in Housing Poverty and Homelessness
    2. The Transformation of the Home

4. The UK ‘Vaccination’ Programme

Part I. Adverse Drug Reactions and Deaths

    1. What is a COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’?
    2. Adverse Drug Reactions to COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’
    3. Deaths following Injection with a COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’
    4. Overall Mortality in the UK Biosecurity State

Part II. Virtue and Terror

    1. Censorship and Consent
    2. How to ‘Vaccinate’ UK Children
    3. Virtue and Terror
    4. Crime and Punishment in the UK Biosecurity State

Part III. Resistance

    1. Political Perspectives
    2. Twenty-two Reasons not to take a COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’
    3. Non-compliance with the UK Biosecurity State
    4. Beyond Civil Disobedience

Appendix 1: In our Defence: Freedom of Speech in the UK Biosecurity State

Part I. Witness Statement by Simon Elmer

    1. Introduction and Context
    2. The Allegations of the Architects Registration Board
    3. My Reply to the Accusations
    4. The Threat to our Human Rights and Civil Liberties
    5. Allegations of Bringing the Profession into Disrepute and the Reputation of ASH
    6. The Identity of the Complainant and his Malice towards ASH
    7. The Character and Career of Geraldine Dening
    8. Conclusion

Part II. Submissions made on behalf of Architects for Social Housing by Francis Hoar, Barrister

    1. Introduction
    2. Factual Background and Context
    3. Misconduct: Jurisdiction and ECHR Rights
    4. Ms. Dening did not make or authorise the statements
    5. Abuse of Process
    6. The comments cannot be considered to have ‘brought disgrace’ on the person making them, having regard to ECHR rights
    7. Discrimination on the basis of the protected characteristic of philosophical belief
    8. Conclusion
    9. Addendum: The Judgement in the Maya Forester Appeal

Part III. The Decision of the Architects Registration Board

Appendix 2: Interview with Frieda Vizel

Appendix 3: Readers’ Comments

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