Workshops at Central Hill

On 29 July, ASH members met with residents of Central Hill to discuss what is happening on their estate at the moment, and how we can help them.

As there have been no designs presented to the residents yet – unlike Cressingham Gardens and Knight’s Walk – we are not yet responding to any concrete proposals for the estate, so we spent the time getting to know the estate’s make up and how it works, and discussing the concerns the residents had with the current consultation process they are participating in.

The residents elected a steering group back in June whose job it is to meet with the council, and report back to the residents. The first concern they had which they addressed to the Council – but received no reply – is how the steering group should communicate with the remaining residents of the estate. The residents of Central Hill currently have no community space where they can meet. For our meeting they managed to book the back room in the local Gypsy Hill Tavern, but there is currently nowhere they are able to meet with the whole estate or even a large number of residents. Clearly, this is a significant impediment to the consultation process, and is something which is common to many of these estates whose community spaces are increasingly run down, sold off, or not accessible.

Architects for Social Housing

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