ASH Films: News Reports, Interviews, Presentations, Counter Propaganda, Documentaries, 2015-2018

Cotton Gardens Estate, Lambeth

News Reports and Interviews

Housing Hell (January 2016). RT UK News, 4:25.

Sink Estates (January 2016). Channel 4 News, 3:21.

UK Housing Crisis and Regeneration (April 2016). Windows on the World, 1:19:36.

‘Great guests, excellent discussion. It’s shocking what’s happening to this country. I wish people wouldn’t just see it in party political terms. Waiting for the next den of thieves to get in won’t get us anywhere.’ – Natalie Minnis

Heygate Estate Redevelopment (October 2016). ABC News, 7:28.

‘This is a complete scandal, like many other such local authority projects. What an appalling deal Southwark cut for residents, for public funding and assets, and for London.’ – S. Keene

Roofless Times (December 2016). RT UK News, 6:04.

London Tower Fire (June 2017). RT UK News, 3:46.

Grief of Grenfell (May 2018). RT UK News, 4:06.

Empty Housing in London (June 2018). Designing Buildings Wiki, 22:12.

Interview on Grenfell Tower fire with LBC Radio (June 2018). LBC Radio, 14:06.

Interview on Estate Regeneration, part 1 (August 2018). Wandsworth Radio, starts at 1:41:20.

Interview on Estate Regeneration, part 2 (August 2018). Wandsworth Radio, starts at 21:10.


An Opportunity for a More Ethical Architectural Practice (October 2015). Architectural Association, 1:54:13.

Tower, Slab, Superblock: London (December 2016), Architectural League of New York, 1:33:33.

The Truth About Grenfell Tower (July 2017). Woolfe Vision, 1:21:08.

‘As a construction professional I thought that all of my concerns and thoughts were covered in this great, well organised meeting. This team should, in my view, form part of the Moore-Bick investigation. Well done to you.’ – Colin Beadle

‘This was an excellent forum for people of different backgrounds to come together and discuss and share experiences. Thank you to ASH for organising this. The social housing dilemma is nationwide and is fundamental to the plight of many peoples in many different areas.’ – Dillip Phunbar

Radical Kitchen (August 2017). Serpentine Galleries, 1:13:41 (episode 4).

Gentrification: Urban Renewal or Social Cleansing? (March 2018). BDP, 1:48:52.

Central Hill: A Case Study in Estate Regeneration (May 2018). Woolfe Vision, 46:28.

Presentation to Chelsea College of Art (May 2018). ASH Films, 1:23:43.

Counter Propaganda

The Aylesbury Wall (April 2015). ASH Films, 6:37.

Sweets Way (May 2015). ASH Films, 10:35.

Anti-Tory Protest (May 2015). ASH Films, 8:43.

Central Hill: Not Ready for Demolition! (February 2016). Woolfe Vision, 5:49.

Campaigning with Khan and Corbyn (March 2016). Woolfe Vision, 6:17.

Decision to Demolish Cressingham Gardens Estate (March 2016). Woolfe Vision, 6:17.

Savills Protest (April 2016). Woolfe Vision, 4:06.

Open Garden Estates: Central Hill (June 2016). Shendao Silent Films, 7:36.

Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do: Macintosh Court (June 2016). Shendao Silent Films, 8:51.

Fighting Spirit: Macintosh Court (June 2016). Woolfe Vision, 6:51.

Campaign for Beti: Court Hearing (March 2017). Banyak Films, 30:27.

Bermondsey and Old Southwark Hustings (May 2017). ASH Films, 16:31.

Lambeth Estate Hustings (May 2017). Produced by Kiran Acharya, 2:55.


Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle (March 2017). Velvet Joy Productions, 1:22:00.

Concrete Soldiers UK (December 2017). Woolfe Vision, 1:03:00.

The Costs of Estate Regeneration (November 2018). ASH Films, 1:12.00.

Architects for Social Housing

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