New Left Revue (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Assange)

For the benefit of Mr. A.
There will be a trial today on Facebook stream.
The socialists will all be there
Late of Workers & Welfare – what a scene!
By slanders, lies and allegations,
Lastly through ordeal by Puritan bile:
In this way Mr. A. will be accused!

The much maligned Mr. A.
Goes online this Saturday to learn his fate.
The feminists will shout and shriek
As Mr. A. tries to speak – don’t be late!
The S.W.P. assures the public
Their show-trial will be second to none;
As they boast Stalin’s ghost dances a waltz!

The trial is under Swedish law
But politicians lock the door without a sound.
As Rt Hon. H. will demonstrate,
Extradition will not wait on sovereign ground!
Having been some years incarcerated
Guantanamo Bay will feel like home;
And tonight the U.S. Right is footing the bill!

– after John Lennon’s ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite’

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