Architectural Workshops on Cressingham Gardens Estate

‘THE VOIDS’ –Gathering Information

Existing site

What are the issues along Crosby walk?

  • People passing by to walk to the park – is that a good or bad thing?
  • South facing at the front – back gardens underused?
  • Subsidence/ structural damage
  • Access for construction
  • Disabled access
  • OTHER…

What would you like to see happen here?

  • To be rebuilt as it is? (No additional flats)
  • Rebuilt 4 end voids on existing footprint but some more flats added if possible?
  • Whole row taken down and construction of more flats, including replacement of existing flats. (existing tenants priority)
  • New flats to be totally social rented?
  • Or some for private sale which could help pay for refurbishments?
  • Something other than flats? (eg shared/ Communcal facilities? Workspaces?
  • Specific kinds of flats – disabled/ live in carer? shelterd accom?


What kinds of housing would you like the new flats to contain?

  • 2 or 3 bed maisonettes?
  • More 1 bed flats (to replace those lost?)
  • Community space for elderly?
  • Overlooked shared front garden? For eldery and young
  • Shared or separate back gardens?
  • Different kinds of communal living spaces?

What do or don’t you like about the existing flat and house designs at Cressingham? What do you think we could learn from? 

  • View of park/ trees?
  • Access to other parts of Cressingham or to Brockwell park
  • Relationship to other houses/ flats
  • Neighbourlyness?
  • Split level?
  • Natural light?
  • Lots of storage?
  • Layout?
  • Size?
  • Flexibility?
  • Materials?
  • Guttering/ drainage design/ water management
  • energy use (warm/ cool, bills)
  • Ventilation for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Are there other things you think work well
  • Are there other things you would like to see improved

Materials for use:

  • Print out plans and sections of all the existing house and flat types
  • Print out Existing site section and plans – to show
    • opportunities (for higher building here) and
    • constraints – ie 45 degree right to light with neighbour in Brockwell Gate) and the rest of Crosby walk.
  • Model of Crosby walk (if DMU students can do in time)

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