Workshop 1 – Green spaces

Drawings and documentation to follow.

Workshop 2 – Voids #1

In terms of documentation of this workshop, we would take photographs of the specific aspects people comment on, and sketch over the drawings of the existing plans sections and elevations and perspectives of the homes at Cressingham. I would be keen not to complicate this workshop with lots of examples of other architectural options to look at. Given that the houses and flats at Cressingham are very well liked, and we are partly arguing that they should be retained for their exceptional architectural qualities, I suggest we keep to using existing Cressingham house and flat designs as the starting point for our conversations and for the new designs (obviously with improvements people ask for). I have also got printouts of some of the DMU students’ work which talks about the principles of social housing at Cressingham, which might be useful to talk over.

Workshop 3 – Voids #2

Illustration of the outcomes of the previous ‘voids’  workshop, to incorporate the spatial and massing studies we have already done (back in March/ April) but to reflect the outcomes of the previous workshop and drawn up for presentation. I expect there may be several alternatives to draw at this stage, but we should try and keep options down otherwise this will simply complicate things – it depends on how you want to go with this.  At this stage the designs would still want to be very sketchy, while trying to clearly identify any resident highlighted elements from the previous workshops. Bearing in mind that people will be asked to vote on this to some extent (?), we don’t want them voting against it because they don’t like the detail. I presume they will only be asked to vote in principle, so we should ensure that the designs remain very much ‘in principle’.


Workshop 4 – Additional community projects

This attached overview drawing could be used to locate the various possible additional projects (including the voids). Again, this workshop might need to be spilt in two – the first to be information gathering, the second (workshop 5) presenting back the findings and design conclusions.

It could be that workshops #2 and #4 are reasonably close together, but that #3 and #5 are a bit later to allow for pulling together of the information.

The architectural implications of the green refurbishment is not something we have really spent any time considering yet, but it is something that will need some consideration, though maybe not at this stage.

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