Sweets Way



Suck on this, kids, open up the wrapper.
Stick it in your mouth, it’s a gob stopper.
As sweet lies go, it’s a double whopper.
To the bitter core, it’s an eye opener.

And the tears in the eyes of these kids,
And the anger in the voices of these kids,
And the betrayal in the hearts of these kids,
And the lessons in the minds of these kids

Will come back to haunt you.

Housing is a human right,
Human right, human right.
Housing is a human right,
Not a privilege!

Sweets Way: there has to be another way.
Sweets Way: we’ve got to find a better way.
Sweets Way: one day we’ll find another way.
Sweets Way: it’s time to find a better way –

To build a home to raise a family,
To build homes for a community,
To build housing with security,
To build for the needs of society.


Not married quarters built for service personnel,
Not properties purchased by Annington Homes,
Not accommodation leased back to the M.O.D.
For two million pounds of public money –

Not a site identified for regeneration,
Not temporary sublets to Notting Hill Trust,
Not a discharged duty to homeless applications
On Barnet Council’s waiting list –

Not assets in a corporate takeover,
Not a portfolio owned by Terra Firma,
Not investments made by Chairman Guy Hands,
A tax exile worth quarter of a billion –

Not real estate granted planning permission,
Not repossessions evicted of tenants,
But houses that housed one hundred and fifty homes
Demolished for luxury developments –

Homes of people now in emergency accommodation,
Homes of families now in temporary accommodation,
Homes emptied of children rehoused faraway
In Enfield, Essex and Luton.

These are our homes, they’re not yours,
Stop breaking down all the doors!
We just want somewhere to stay
In our perfect Sweets Way!


And Barnet Homes says: ‘If you have a low income
‘You will need to consider looking for a home
‘In areas that are more affordable.’

And Notting Hill Housing Trust says: ‘Our fear
‘Is that property owners won’t lease their stock
‘If faced with people refusing to move out.’

And Terra Firma says: ‘Neither Terra Firma
‘Nor Guy Hands personally has any involvement
‘In the day-to-day running of Annington Homes.’

And Annington Homes says: ‘No comment.’
But their lawyers at Barnet County Court say:
‘We need to nip this protest in the bud.’

And the District Judge says: ‘This occupation
‘Must come to an end. As of immediate effect,
‘The defendants are forbidden from entering – ’

Sweets Way: we’re not going to go away.
Sweets Way: we’re here to fight, we’re here to stay.
Sweets Way: we are seeds for another day.
Sweets Way: we’re here to find a better way.


And the lives you don’t care you’re destroying,
And the families you find so annoying,
And the children you’re so good at ignoring,
And the voices you won’t hear imploring

Are being born on this estate.

Listen to Jasmin, listen to Jennifer:
‘I love my house. I don’t want to move
‘Because all of my friends are there.’

Listen to Amanda, listen to Daniel:
‘I had a dream last night. I dreamed
‘That I lived in a council house.’

Listen to Mutaz, listen to Leanne:
‘They would chuck you out on the street
‘And not care about it. They’re heartless.’

Listen to Ergi, listen to Enida:
‘They treat us like a piece of trash. They need
‘To listen to us, they need to hear our voice.’

Listen to Abdou, listen to Kauthar:
‘When we grow older, we might be
‘Controlling them. They never know.’

Sweets Way: there’s got to be another way.
Sweets Way: we’ve got to make a better way.
Sweets Way: today’s the day we find a way.
Sweets Way: it’s time to make a better way –

To build homes for a community,
To build unity in diversity,
To build resistance to a rich man’s greed,
To build a movement through adversity.


And the banners say: ‘These people need homes!’
And the banners say: ‘These homes need people!’
And the banners say: ‘Stop the evictions!
‘These are our homes, not your investments!’

Housing is a right for the millions,
Not a privilege for the millionaires,
But only when the millions are marching,
Only when the millionaires are scared.

So resist the eviction of your estate.
Have the conviction to repopulate.
The only restrictions are those you create.
For occupation it’s never too late.

London Town is not for sale,
Not for sale, not for sale.
London Town is not for sale,
Boris Johnson!

Suck on this, kids, it’s your last sweet this way.
Don’t say goodbye, no matter what they say.
The seeds they buried are the shoots of today.
It’s strange and its new, but it’s a better day.

Sweets Way: it’s time to build a better way.

– Simon Elmer

Film by indefilmsdotnet

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