Home: Pin it Down!

ASH consultation workshop at the launch event of The People’s Plan, feasibility study for refurbishment and additional buildings for West Kensington & Gibbs Green estates, as part of their application for the Right to Transfer.

Residents were grouped into the building type they lived in, high-rise, 4-5 storey blocks, terrace houses, etc, and its location on the estates, plus, where appropriate, with a translator, and asked to talk about what they did and didn’t like about where they lived and why, their thoughts about the estate in general, problems they wanted addressing (access, safety, rubbish disposal, maintenance), plus opportunities for new developments (where new homes might be built, community halls restored, play areas recovered).

Facilitators from ASH and West Ken & Gibbs Green Community Homes were at each table to chair the discussion and record comments. Residents were encouraged to write their views down on tags: Red for problems, Blue for things they like, and Green for solutions, and to pin them on the accompanying map of the estate.



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