Choose Labour?

Choose Labour. Choose voting to bomb Syria. Choose going toe to toe with the Tories over who can inflict the biggest cuts to benefits. Choose criminalising the homeless with Public Space Protection Orders. Choose fining people £100 for sleeping rough in Labour-run boroughs. Choose planning permission for anti-homeless spikes in the doorways of banks. Choose employing private security companies to harass and arrest homeless people trying to raise £12 every day to pay for a hostel bed. Choose forcing thousands of families out of London under the threat of making themselves ‘intentionally homeless’. Choose threatening single mothers with social services if they don’t accept relocation to whatever temporary accommodation they’re offered in Birmingham or Manchester or Newcastle. Choose pushing council residents onto Universal Credit to pay their rent because it comes out of central government funds instead of council budgets. Choose refusing to deal with people handed a notice of eviction until they’re standing on the street with their whole fucking life in a shopping trolley. Choose demolishing every council estate in London because you spunked their rents on ‘business-competitive’ wages for council officers on three-figure salaries instead of maintaining resident’s homes. Choose using our council tax to pay legal teams to silence residents fighting to save their homes at judicial reviews. Choose council leaders who sit on the board of international property developers granting planning permission for every zero social-housing development in their borough. Choose blaming the Tories for every corrupt deal you cut with offshore investors. Choose the ‘most business-friendly’ London Mayor ever. Choose sacrificing every last trace of socialism in your manifesto for a whiff of Parliamentary power. Choose promising to build millions of ‘genuinely affordable’ homes while selling off public land to international developers in sweetheart deals. Choose white, middle-class, morally bankrupt lobbyists for the building industry to run your local authorities. Choose a leader who says not one fucking word to stop Labour councils demolishing hundreds of thousands of working-class council homes in the middle of a housing crisis. Choose being best mates with the police no matter how many black kids they stop-and-search, arrest, shoot or ‘find dead’ in their cells. Choose sending in riot cops to beat up protesters opposing the latest estate demolition by a Labour-run council. Choose dressing up in a Christmas jumper and making tearful speeches about the Kurds while 8,000 people are sleeping rough on the streets of London. Choose turning our public libraries into private gyms, evicting our street traders, demolishing our council estates, socially cleansing our communities and calling it ‘regeneration’. Choose Momentum and re-writing the history of the Labour Party to miss out everything between Clement Atlee and Oh Jeremy Corbyn. Choose Tony Blair and his shit-eating grin. Choose 3 million dead Iraqis and the ‘Special Relationship’. Choose reducing every betrayal of the British working class to a struggle for the soul of Labour and blaming everything else on Progress. Choose a hundred years of the unions doing dirty deals with the bosses behind our backs. Choose crushing every hope of working-class uprising with the promise of a 1 per cent pay rise and a chance to lick more corporate arse. Choose standing in Grosvenor Square on a Saturday with a soggy Socialist Workers Party placard and thinking you’re making a difference. Choose marching to Downing Street on a weekend when no-one’s there and listening to speeches by Diane Abbott about how Labour’s bringing law and order to Hackney. Choose the Mayor of Newham demolishing council homes to make way for Qatari investments and calling it our Olympic Legacy. Choose chinless Cabinet Members for Housing in Haringey and Lambeth and Southwark and Croydon privatising every brick we own then moving to a chushy job with the companies they sold it to. Choose Ed Miliband and a red tea mug promising to ‘control immigration’. Choose Paul Mason singing The Red Flag and pretending promises to nationalise the railways makes you a socialist. Choose Dave Hill explaining why the gentrification of Brixton is a good thing. Choose Owen Jones and every other Oxbridge-educated hack at the Guardian telling you about the racism of the white working class. Choose smug little shits from Novara Media banging on about ‘fully-automated communism’. Choose demanding Julian Assange be extradited on charges of rape that have never existed. Choose denouncing anyone who dares criticise Israel as ‘anti-Semitic’. Choose protesting about Brexit and Donald Trump while carefully stepping over the bodies of the people lying on the street around you. Choose ‘a new kind of politics’. Choose the Labour Party.

Now, why would I want to go and do something like that?

3 thoughts on “Choose Labour?

  1. You’re focusing on local council policies who have seen billions cut from their budgets as they became the frontline of the great neoliberal coup that began in earnest under Thatcher. Blair did nothing to turn this around and in fact made it worse, we know that. Labour was taken over by neoliberals and Councils, almost as the only way to survive, were forced to implement free market policies as the only avenue which made money in an environment of ever-shrinking budgets. The financial squeeze on councils was deliberate, forcing them to be the frontline of privatisation under the threat of total collapse.
    At the same time the Blairification of Labour had infected local councils for sure. The prefect fit. Their takeover of the PLP was already almost complete.
    We now have Corbyn and a manifesto of policy pledges which actually will transform the lives of millions as well as consign neoliberalism to the trash heap. In order to be effective it needs a clear mandate from the people. It is the only chance of Corbyn being able to discipline the neoliberals still in his ranks.
    Now is not the time to desert Labour, that would be an act of pointless self-harm in my opinion.


  2. Choose dining with terrorists while claiming to denounce antisemitism in the party while taking zero action to actually address it. Choose to promote terrorist groups and murderers instead of the worthy cause they claim to fight for. Choose to vote down every possible option for a way forward in Europe. Choose to shout about undemocratic prime ministers while refusing a general election….. Choose to sit on the floor of a train when there are seats available in a rear carriage.


  3. Okay, that’s all very interesting, but surely you’re not suggesting that the Conservatives would be a better alternative?

    And if not, then do you think you might spare some time to suggest who we should all be voting for to make absolutely sure that the Tories get kicked out?


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