Principles of Social Housing on Cressingham Gardens Estate

De Montfort University, BA Architecture, Second year, 2015

image by Carl Dusu

Second year architecture students at DMU spent their second term in 2015 on Cressingham Gardens, getting to know the estate and some of the issues it faces within the contemporary context of social housing in London.

They were asked initially to explore The principles of Social Housing at Cressingham Gardens, and from there to come up with proposals which reflected their research.

Social Housing A Lomas

Some students chose to look into how they might redevelop the ‘voids’ on Crosby Walk*(buildings that have lain empty for over 10 years: see Cressingham Gardens post), while others explored the potential for more intensive use of the gardens on the estate, while others looked into proposals for new communal and mixed use buildings.

Image by Carl Dusu


what cressingham could be, Carl Dusu

Images by Carl Dusu

DMU students presenting at Real Estates, Peer Gallery, 2015

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