Open House – Central Hill

ASH has succeeded in organising for Central Hill estate to be a part of Open House over the weekend 19-20 September.

Tours by ASH and residents of the estate will take place, and some of the original architects who worked on the scheme are being approached.

One thought on “Open House – Central Hill

  1. My name is Michael Sinclair. I am an artist and have had a studio in Brixton for 25yrs. I lived most of last year in Berlin. Much is happening there and a film was made, which I have tried to promote here, that depicts graphically the state of housing in Berlin, and how social action led to very real protective change for the Berliners. The Germans can do it – the social democracy wrought by a troubled past enables them to.
    I was directed to your site by an Architect who is doing a PhD at Cambridge – she will be showing this film at the university this semester.
    I was looking for a tel. no. for ASH in order to contact. Having not found one I am filling out this reply box in the hope that it will get viewed by someone
    I would like to make contact and let you know about Berlin. All of what is happening ther and here is happening in every major city as regards social housing, and rather like the campaign for Global Waring there should be a similar one for housing.

    Please do contact me.


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