On the 34th anniverary of the beginning of the miners’ strike, 5 March, 1984

’Twere ’84, and the Tory whores
Did scheme and plot in Parliament:
On strike were England’s collieries,
And the coppers were all bent.

‘Beware Maggie Thatcher, my son!
‘The deeper cuts, the rising rents!
‘Beware the Milk Snatcher, and shun
‘The Conservative Government!’

He took his P45 in hand:
Long time a paying job he sought –
Then saw the view of a welfare queue
And stood awhile in thought.

And as with coal-black face he stood,
The Iron Dame, in Parliament’s name,
Rode roughshod through the mining towns,
And closed them as she came!

Her Boys in Blue, they galloped through,
The picket lines were charged and snatched!
Now ‘modernised’, she took their lives,
And went triumphant back!

‘Hast thou destroyed the unions?
‘Welcome to our class, O grocer’s daughter!
‘We’ll bury you a Baroness!’
(They shook with noble laughter.)

Three decades on, and Thatcher’s spawn
Are once again in Government;
Society is dead and gone,
And the money’s all spent.

– after Lewis Carroll

4 thoughts on “Thatcherwocky

  1. But the evil that she did lives on after her. The breaking of the miners’ strike by the combined forces of the Conservative Party, the right-wing Press, the High Court, the Police, the Military and the Security Services permanently deprived the British working class of recourse to industrial action, thereby paving the way for the assault on working-class housing we’re seeing 34 years later. There is no housing crisis, there is only the class war in its current form.


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