The Seven Stages of Regeneration

1. Shock & Disbelief What! Why would they want to knock down our homes? That’s crazy! I don’t believe it! There’s no point frightening people for no reason. It’s just trouble-makers spreading lies. 2. Denial & Excuses This isn’t happening! There’s no way they’d do this! They’re the council, for Christ’s sake, they work for … Continue reading The Seven Stages of Regeneration

The Aylesbury Wall 1 The first, I suppose, was the Great Wall of China, Thirteen thousand miles along its northern border, Built to keep out the Mongolian hordes – But now we have the Aylesbury Wall. And the Emperor Hadrian’s famous wall, Seventy-three miles long and twenty feet tall, Built to keep out the Barbarian hordes – … Continue reading The Aylesbury Wall

Geopoetry: Greenwich Peninsula

This text, with the accompanying images projected, was performed at the conference on ‘The Mediated City’ held at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Greenwich Peninsula, between 1-3 April, 2014. The performance was given on Wednesday, 2 April. The following day, Thursday 3 April, the geopoetry reading it introduced was conducted around Greenwich Peninsula. The main … Continue reading Geopoetry: Greenwich Peninsula