Fake News

Sunday (06.08.17) Jeremy Corbyn announces he will be joining Invite the Union’s picket of the ‘anti-Labour’ ASH exhibition at the ICA. Daily Mail reacts to news of ASH residency at ICA: ‘Elitist gallery splASHes public funds on anarchist propaganda!’ Monday (07.08.17) Southwark council leader Peter John to join Socialist Protesters Party™ on ‘Stand Up To … Continue reading Fake News

21 Council Army (Poem for Jeremy Corbyn)

We’re gonna say it loud Twenty-one councils can’t shut us up They’re lying about it Spreading their smears across all our backs And it feels as if we’re talking to ourselves Cause no-one wants to know But the message coming from the street is ‘They want our homes!’ Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn Why are you so … Continue reading 21 Council Army (Poem for Jeremy Corbyn)

Explaining a Few Things

You will ask: and where are the lilacs? And the world-changing new politics? And the dreams unceasingly speaking words, embellishing them with flowers and birds? I’ll tell you everything that happened. I lived in a neighbourhood, a neighbourhood of London, with council estates, and tower blocks and trees. From there you could look out across … Continue reading Explaining a Few Things

The Seven Stages of Regeneration

1. Shock & Disbelief What! Why would they want to knock down our homes? That’s crazy! I don’t believe it! There’s no point frightening people for no reason. It’s just trouble-makers spreading lies. 2. Denial & Excuses This isn’t happening! There’s no way they’d do this! They’re the council, for Christ’s sake, they work for … Continue reading The Seven Stages of Regeneration

The Aylesbury Wall

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK-4217g2u8 1 The first, I suppose, was the Great Wall of China, Thirteen thousand miles along its northern border, Built to keep out the Mongolian hordes – But now we have the Aylesbury Wall. And the Emperor Hadrian’s famous wall, Seventy-three miles long and twenty feet tall, Built to keep out the Barbarian hordes – … Continue reading The Aylesbury Wall