Labour Party Conference No. 2

I remember Corbyn at the Brighton love-in, He was talking so brave about ‘faith’, Promising salvation on regeneration While Labour councils demolish estates. Those were his excuses, but this is London, We are fighting for our homes on the streets, Where sound-bites are swallowed by believers in lies, Labour voters and estate residents. Ah, but … Continue reading Labour Party Conference No. 2

Fake News

Sunday (06.08.17) Jeremy Corbyn announces he will be joining Invite the Union’s picket of the ‘anti-Labour’ ASH exhibition at the ICA. Daily Mail reacts to news of ASH residency at ICA: ‘Elitist gallery splASHes public funds on anarchist propaganda!’ Monday (07.08.17) Southwark council leader Peter John to join Socialist Protesters Party™ on ‘Stand Up To … Continue reading Fake News

21 Council Army (Poem for Jeremy Corbyn)

We’re gonna say it loud Twenty-one councils can’t shut us up They’re lying about it Spreading their smears across all our backs And it feels as if we’re talking to ourselves Cause no-one wants to know But the message coming from the street is ‘They want our homes!’ Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn Why are you so … Continue reading 21 Council Army (Poem for Jeremy Corbyn)

Explaining a Few Things

You will ask: and where are the lilacs? And the world-changing new politics? And the dreams unceasingly speaking words, embellishing them with flowers and birds? I’ll tell you everything that happened. I lived in a neighbourhood, a neighbourhood of London, with council estates, and tower blocks and trees. From there you could look out across … Continue reading Explaining a Few Things

The Seven Stages of Regeneration

1. Shock & Disbelief What! Why would they want to knock down our homes? That’s crazy! I don’t believe it! There’s no point frightening people for no reason. It’s just trouble-makers spreading lies. 2. Denial & Excuses This isn’t happening! There’s no way they’d do this! They’re the council, for Christ’s sake, they work for … Continue reading The Seven Stages of Regeneration

The Aylesbury Wall 1 The first, I suppose, was the Great Wall of China, Thirteen thousand miles along its northern border, Built to keep out the Mongolian hordes – But now we have the Aylesbury Wall. And the Emperor Hadrian’s famous wall, Seventy-three miles long and twenty feet tall, Built to keep out the Barbarian hordes – … Continue reading The Aylesbury Wall