Lambeth’s ‘1000 homes’ Election Promise 2014

At the last local election the Labour party made an election promise to build 1000 additional council or social rent homes.

An assessment of (all?) Lambeth’s estates was conducted in 2012. ( We have still not obtained clarification from Lambeth as to how Knights walk was part of this because it is not an estate).

The residents understand that, because Knight’s walk is not in need to refurbishment to achieve LHS (the work which has in fact been done already) the only reason for Knight’s walk to be the subject of  regeneration is in order to build as many new homes as possible or satisfy their political agenda.


On what research basis did they arrive at 1000 homes?

Did they specify, as part of their election promise, that homes would  need to be demolished in the process?

So they think that is this had been stated, that people would have been so keen to support that?

Did they ever have any funding for the proposed 1000 homes?

Was the funding of these new homes always reliant on the construction and selling-off of land and homes on the private market?

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