21 Council Army (Poem for Jeremy Corbyn)

Poems for Jeremy Corbyn (2016)

We’re gonna say it loud
Twenty-one councils can’t shut us up
They’re lying about it
Spreading their smears across all our backs

And it feels as if we’re talking to ourselves
Cause no-one wants to know
But the message coming from the street is
‘They want our homes!’

Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn
Why are you so sil-ent
A-bout La-bour coun-cils
De-mo-lish-ing e-states?

Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn
When will you do some-thing
To stop so-cial cleans-ing
By the La-bour Par-ty?

Ha-rin-gey is wai-ting
And Hack-ney is wait-ing
And South-wark is wait-ing
And Lam-beth is wait-ing

Lew-ish-am is wait-ing
And Green-wich is wait-ing
And New-ham is wait-ing
And Croy-don is wait-ing

Ham-mer-smith and Fulham
They also are wait-ing
Bark-ing and Dag-en-ham
They also are wait-ing

Is-ling-ton is wait-ing
And Cam-den is wait-ing
And En-field is wait-ing
And Red-bridge is wait-ing

And Mer-ton is wait-ing
And Eal-ing is wait-ing
And Har-row is wait-ing
And Houns-low is wait-ing

Brent and Wal-tham
They also are wait-ing
Ev-en Tow-er Ham-lets
They too are now wait-ing

Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn
Please an-swer our ques-tion
Stop run-ning a-way from
The home-less of Lon-don

Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn
One hun-dred and nine-ty
Lon-don es-tates con-demned
By your Lab-our coun-cils

Oh Je-re-my Cor-byn
Why should we vote for you?
You’re just like the Tor-ies
It’s the same old sto-ry

– after a song by Jack White

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