Fake News

Ralph Steadman

Sunday (06.08.17)

Jeremy Corbyn announces he will be joining Invite the Union’s picket of the ‘anti-Labour’ ASH exhibition at the ICA.

Daily Mail reacts to news of ASH residency at ICA: ‘Elitist gallery splASHes public funds on anarchist propaganda!’

Monday (07.08.17)

Southwark council leader Peter John to join Socialist Protesters Party™ on ‘Stand Up To ASH’ march from Elephant Park to Pall Mall.

ICA exhibition to screen exclusive footage of ASH chasing London Mayor Sadiq Khan down Islington street in the lead up to his election.

Tuesday (08.08.17)

Prince Charles accuses ASH of ‘art-washing’ on anonymous Twitter account with link to website selling watercolours of Poundbury.

George Osborne offers ‘profiteering’ ASH undisclosed amount to publish map of London estate regenerations on front page of Evening Standard.

Wednesday (09.08.17)

Katie Hopkins starts petition to stop ‘sexist, homophobic, transphobic, implicitly ablest and probably racist’ ASH exhibition at the ICA.

Labour Housing Network outs ASH as ‘anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, white working-class Trump sympathisers with really bad micro-politics.’

Thursday (10.08.17)

Conservative MP Lord Rees-Mogg denounces ASH as ‘Godless, heretic extremists’ profiteering from subsidised housing and moat maintenance.

Labour MP David Lammy denounces ASH’s ‘white, male, upper-middle class’ design alternatives to the Haringey Development Vehicle.

Friday (11.08.17)

Labour MP Emma Dent Coad exposes ASH as ‘astro-turfers’ for dark-money funded multi-national corporation Architects for Social Cleansing.

Theresa May grants Met Police expanded powers to investigate social media accounts of ‘extremist’ group Terrorists for Social Housing.

Saturday (12.08.17)

Donald Trump uses personal Twitter account to accuse ASH of spreading ‘fake news’ about scale of estate demolition in London. ‘So sad!’

Ex-Guardian journalist Dave Hill awarded job as Press Secretary for Lendlease after denouncing ASH as ‘protest Ultra-Left intelligentsia’.

Sunday (13.08.17)

Unpublished academic in search of a tenured job accuses ASH of institutional corruption from another anonymous Twitter account.

Sunday Telegraph questions ASH residency at ICA, suggesting undue influence by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Monday (14.08.17)

Lambeth Cabinet member Matthew Bennett says ASH design alternatives to estate demolition exhibited at the ICA ‘give false hope to residents’.

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville denied entry to ASH exhibition at the ICA during daring attempt at undercover infiltration.

Tuesday (15.08.17)

Labour London Assembly Member Tom Copley condemns ASH map of London’s current estate regenerations on show at the ICA as ‘wonky’.

Mayor Sadiq Khan to attend presentation by Co-ops for London at ICA this evening, 7-8pm.

Wednesday (16.08.17)

Jeremy Corbyn fan club Stagnation refute ASH map, declaring there are ‘3 or 4 estates at most’ facing demolition by London Labour councils.

Architect Paul Karakusevic says he will attend Achilles Street estate workshop on resident ‘zines’ this evening at the ICA, 7-9pm.

Thursday (17.08.17)

33 London councils refuse FOI requests by ASH on estate regeneration schemes on the grounds that it is ‘commercially sensitive information’.

Former RBKC Cabinet Member for Regeneration Rock Feilding-Mellen to attend ASH meeting on Grenfell Tower fire at ICA this evening, 7-9pm.

Friday (18.08.17)

Following an emergency roundtable discussion on ICA exhibition by ‘protest group ASH’, the Architects’ Journal decides not to publish in News section.

Scuffles break out at ICA when ZHA director Patrik Schumacher throws ‘key party and multiplying event’ in VIP bar during ASH residency.

Saturday (19.08.17)

Academic Anna Minton denies ‘prior knowledge of or influence by’ ASH map of estate regeneration in Guardian article on mapping estate regeneration.

Jeremy Corbyn says he will attend ASH opening at ICA tonight, 7-11pm, to explain why 196 London estates are under threat by Labour councils.

Police called to ICA during performance by Adam and the Queers at ‘anarchic’ opening of ASH exhibition.

Sunday (20.08.17)

RIBA declines ASH offer to continue mapping London’s programme of estate regeneration in Portland Place due to ‘conflict of interest’.

Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians occupies Upper Galleries at ICA as ASH confirms building is ‘non-residential’.

Late-night police raid on ICA as ASH arrested under Counter Extremism Act for ‘vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values.’

Simon Elmer
Architecture Critic at the Sun newspaper

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