Alternatives to Demolition

If Council’s want to demolish peoples’ homes and issue Compulsory Purchase Orders it should be their responsibility as a local authority on behalf of their residents to show that they have exhausted all other avenues in the creation of new houses.


Five new homes on each of Lambeth’s 200 estates, or 15 on the 75 estates they have assessed, would meet the 1000 council homes they have pledged to build and others. If this were an unfit body, a doctor would surely recommend little and regular exercise.

Build over – with retention of the existing homes

In addition:

Increase the required percentage of social rented / council homes required in every new development at planning permission stage

Remove the phrase ‘Affordable’ from planning legislation -80% of market Rate isn’t affordable..

Increase penalties for landlords of owners with empty homes

introduce repossession/ CPO  of empty homes.

Increase rates on landlords/ second home owners

Increase CIL and Section 106 towards the constuciton of new Council Homes

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