Architectural Workshops on Cressingham Gardens Estate

‘THE VOIDS’ –Gathering Information Existing site What are the issues along Crosby walk? People passing by to walk to the park - is that a good or bad thing? South facing at the front – back gardens underused? Subsidence/ structural damage Access for construction Disabled access OTHER… What would you like to see happen here? … Continue reading Architectural Workshops on Cressingham Gardens Estate

Knight’s Walk: Resident Consultation

Following up the Knight's Walk consultation yesterday: Effectively the same information was on the wall as at the last meeting. The only difference was Matthew Bennett (Lambeth Cabinet Member for Housing) was there, and more neighbourhood groups putting forward their objections. A few things noted: Matthew Bennett definitively said there would be no ballot for residents. … Continue reading Knight’s Walk: Resident Consultation

Knights Walk: Progress Report

ASH are currently supporting the residents of Knight's Walk in opposing Lambeth's proposals to demolish their homes. We are meeting on a regular basis with Lambeth and their architects (Mae) and proposing alternatives to their proposals, in the hope of influencing their designs. In addition, on behalf of the residents we will be putting forward … Continue reading Knights Walk: Progress Report

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

An SPV is a mechanism by which a council can acquire a loan for building projects. It is effectively setting up a subsidiary company which creates an 'arms length' organisation for the council. How these companies then relate to the future management of the estates is unknown. Because the estates will not be owned directly by the council, … Continue reading Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

Cressingham Gardens: Background and ASH Progress

Context Cressingham Gardens TRA are proposing an alternative to Lambeth’s ‘regeneration scheme’ which would see Cressingham Gardens either partially or completely demolished to enable them to build at a higher density. Background In 2012, Lambeth did a survey of all its council estates (or 75 of which we know about) to a criteria: (appendix) Cressingham … Continue reading Cressingham Gardens: Background and ASH Progress

Alternatives to Demolition

If Councils want to demolish people's homes and issue Compulsory Purchase Orders it should be their responsibility as a local authority on behalf of their residents to show that they have exhausted all other avenues in the creation of new houses. Infill Five new homes on each of Lambeth's 200 estates, or 15 on the 75 estates … Continue reading Alternatives to Demolition