Consultation Process – co-operative council

Lambeth is a co-operative council (link) , so is ‘obliged’ to consult with its residents.

As well as consulting them on the nature of the demolition and regeneration, should they not consult them on the initial decisions leading up to that?

(from Lambeth’s October 2014

Draft Principles for Estate Regeneration

Lambeth Council is committed to making sure that all council tenants and homeowners live in good quality homes. For the majority this can be achieved through the Lambeth Housing Standard (LHS).

For some estates, particularly those with poor design or construction the LHS may not be enough.

Regeneration can mean redevelopment, refurbishment or a mixture of both.

Estate regeneration can be an opportunity to address social issues and provide much needed additional homes at a council rent as well as improving the quality of housing.

Inevitably estate regeneration is going to make residents feel anxious about what might happen to their homes and communities. We will be open and honest about the advantages and disadvantages regeneration can present.

Lambeth is a cooperative council – this means we do things with you, working together. This document provides a set of principles – a guarantee of what you can expect. It sets the basis for more detailed agreements on individual estates.


The Council will give all local residents the opportunity to coproduce options for the future of their

homes and the estate by:

 Agreeing a vision for the future of the estate & being clear about what is and isn’t possible

 Listening to what local people think about the place, their homes and sharing information about the condition of their estates

 Enabling local people to take part in the project at the level they choose

 Establishing a project team to ensure that all residents are fairly represented and have the opportunity to get involved

 Providing clear and open information to all residents throughout the process including information packs and manuals

 Providing access to specialist independent advice and offer guidance so that residents can make informed decisions

 We will discuss and agree essential ‘meanwhile’ works

 We will be clear about the timescales involved. Regeneration is not a quick process.

 The Council will ensure that the commitments of the Regeneration Principles are reflected in the final scheme

 There will be a council officer to liaise between residents and the contractor

 Council officers will work with residents in line with Lambeth’s Cooperative Council ethos and ways of working

 Consultation with residents will begin once there has been a recommendation from the Cabinet Member for Housing to consider regeneration on the estate

 Residents will be encouraged to take an active role in the monitoring of quality and progress both of building works and service provision including resident liaison, programme of moving home, quality of works/build

 The Council will keep continuity of staff where possible

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